About ARM Data Center Software

Available as the industry-first true SaaS solution, cARMa® is the revolutionary tool from ARM Data Center Software built specifically for the telecommunications and data center industries that harnesses the power of relational databases to tie your inventory assets, customer orders, and vendor expenses together into a single, intuitive application for visibility across your entire organization. Accessible from anywhere, with bank-grade security utilizing multifactor authentication, cARMa delivers custom views for each function in your organization while pulling information from a single source of data to eliminate siloed systems and offline spreadsheets.

Management Team

Frank McDermott

Frank is an industry veteran experienced in the construction, operation and management of fiber, microwave, and cellular networks, as well as neutral colocation data centers, and news & sports content delivery via desktop and mobile clients...

Joseph McDermott

Joe’s extensive experience spans startups, technology development, government R&D, and finance. At ARM, he leads operations and finance, with a focus on delivering exceptional customer experience, value, and network safety.