See the Whole Picture

cARMa - the Communications Asset Relational Management Application® is the revolutionary tool built specifically for the telecommunications and data center industries that harnesses the power of relational databases to tie your inventory assets, customer orders, and vendor expenses together into a single, intuitive application for visibility across your entire organization.  Delivered as the first true Software-as-a-Service Network Inventory Platform, cARMa is accessible from anywhere, with bank-grade security utilizing multifactor authentication, and delivers custom views for each function in your organization while pulling information from a single source of data to eliminate siloed systems and offline spreadsheets.

Experience the nirvana of Sales and Operations looking at the same data. Link your sales & CRM data directly to the network assets delivering revenue, and also expenses of delivering service for a single view into profitability and margin. All of cARMa’s individual applications transact on a single database in the cloud, so Sales Engineers, Circuit Designers, Field Technicians, and Executives see the same data in real time, including on mobile devices. Field audit data is instantly accessible to the whole organization, as it is collected and timestamped - your NOC can directly monitor which circuits your field techs are touching as they work. Gone are the days of different systems telling different stories.

Build complete representations of every asset in the network, and aggregate them into fully linked customer circuits. Any change to a network element automatically propagates to the Circuit Layout Record, service order, or vendor expense. With keystroke level change history, you’ll be able to see every change on every field made down to the port level since creation. Find exactly what you’re looking for with the most powerful relevance search functionality in the industry across all your data sources.

Extensive business logic runs on top of your linked network, customer, and vendor data. When a customer service is turned down, all of the network elements will be reclaimed and vendor expenses will be eliminated. No more $400/month cross connects continuing to bill for months or years after customers stop paying you for the service - you’ll be alerted that the vendor expense is linked to an inactive customer invoice line item.

We have spent over 4 years making cARMa™ the most transformational piece of software in the telecommunications industry. To learn more about how you can benefit from the advantages that cARMa™ will bring to your organization, click the "Contact Us" button below.