Implementing a New Inventory System

Some very successful network operators are still managing inventory on a break room fridge, color-coded Excel panel drawings, or tribal knowledge held by a handful of individuals.  Modern networks require modernizing your inventory management systems!

Fortunately, ARM has all of the required skill-sets in-house to implement a new inventory system to bring your operations into the 21st century.  Our C4 process for implementing an inventory system shares many of the benefits of our Discover - Recover process, except that instead of verifying against an existing inventory, we build it from scratch.  Real-time data collection, transmission, validation, and upload means that your inventory system is up and running faster, cheaper, and with data you can trust.  

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First, ARM's inventory experts, circuit designers, and program managers spend time understanding client requirements, timelines, and budget for a new inventory system.  ARM will facilitate selection of an inventory system with outside vendors if desired.  If an inventory system has been chosen, ARM will assist in customization decisions to ensure that the final product meets all client needs.    

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Next, ARM's field technicians gather every piece of relevant physical information in your data center locations starting with the street address down to the location, type, speed, and status of every single port and connection, capturing this information in cARMa™. Additional information is pulled from vendor inventory reports, legacy inventory documents, customer records, and any other source of relevant information. 

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Then, ARM circuit designers use all available information in cARMa™ to complete the story for each port and circuit in your inventory, updating inventory status and source documents where necessary (CLRs, billing records, etc).  This information is then uploaded into your new inventory system.

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Finally, ARM ensures your people are properly trained and your inventory system works as designed.  Customized packages are available to commission your new inventory system depending on complexity, features, and your in-house IT department capabilities and bandwidth.