Bad Data Integrity Costs Millions

Despite the industry's best efforts, 21% of port inventory is inaccurate, busting financial budgets, operational efficiency, and customer promises.  It's time to partner with someone who can make a real difference!

ARM serves telecommunications carriers and large enterprises with a significant carrier hotel and neutral colocation presence. We provide a complete solution from discovery of inventory defects, to recovery of physical, logical, and financial assets. Furthermore, we guarantee we will recover capacity and deliver disconnects the first week in your footprint!

ARM is the key to restoring your credibility with customers, regaining control of your inventory, and meeting your financial goals. Eliminate your data integrity challenges, dramatically improve EBITDA, and deliver clean LOA/CFA every time in the future. 

About ARM - Asset Recovery Management provides comprehensive, self-contained teams of specialists to solve any telecommunications inventory data integrity problem without impacting clients' revenue bearing operations.  Founded in 2016, ARM's leadership team consists of telecommunications industry veterans experienced in the owning, operating, construction and financing of advanced networks and data centers.