Busy CFA and NETEX Leakage Combine to Consume Margins

If your company experiences Busy CFA - when the Meet Me Room (MMR) rejects your connection to another company because "something" is already there - you also don't have control of your off-net Network Expense (NETEX). Likewise, if your off-net group has a mandate to "get NETEX under control" the bad news is you also have Busy CFA problems delaying new installs and the new revenue that comes with them.

CFO's and COO's have a common enemy when fighting these inextricably linked problems - the "data integrity" nightmare that delays installs, delays revenue, and destroys the telecom customer experience. Since every decision about circuit design, tie-down, installation, capacity, and expense management is based on your inventory data, you cannot afford the friction and waste that bad data integrity causes.

Asset Recovery Management is the key to solving your data integrity challenges quickly, permanently, and effectively. Our Discover - Resolve - Disconnect - Recover process is the means by which ARM brings operational and financial harmony to your organization. The Busy CFA delaying your install, and the unnecessary NETEX eating away at your margin are just the most obvious symptoms that ARM eliminates.  We also reduce CAPEX, reduce your OPEX, and find unbilled revenue that no other revenue assurance program can.

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