Did Data Integrity Just Wreck Your End of Quarter?

If there is one time that communications companies feel the effects of poor data integrity, it’s at the end of month.  Missed install goals, revenue delayed into next month, and inexplicably high NETEX costs are all symptoms of poor data integrity. The last week of the month sees everyone making a herculean effort to find available ports in the Meet Me Room. But while your inventory says you should have usable capacity, often you can't find it in time.  The company lost a month of recurring revenue, and your customer is furious that you failed to meet your delivery commitment.

Photo by bjdlzx/iStock / Getty Images

End of month is bad enough, but customers are taking stock of a longer view at the end of a quarter in the attempt to understand what is an isolated incident versus what is becoming a trend. That means they are tallying Busy CFA events that derailed their strategic initiatives, because the bad LOA/CFA makes for an obvious failure point; each piece of paper in hand records just how many tries it took to get it right.

ARMdcs is your ticket to a comprehensive data integrity remediation plan, so that you can confidently communicate to your customers that times have changed. ARMdcs leverages industry veterans, proprietary processes, our cARMa™ platform, and unique data analytics in a bundled service offering to solve your data integrity problems. We can eliminate the end of month and end of quarter fire drills due to Busy CFA. We also reduce your NETEX, CAPEX, and OPEX giving you more time and resources to focus on growing your business and delighting your customers.

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