What is Your Share of $215 Billion?

While $215 billion sounds like Apple's immense hoard of cash, a segment's capital investment, or perhaps industry profits, it is one shocking estimate of 2014 global telecommunications lost revenue due to poor data integrity. While we can't independently verify that stunning number, ARM's independent evaluations and another firm's assessment do confirm that significant issues with inventory data integrity and high defect rates (>20%) lead to substantial lost revenue for carriers and a diminished customer experience for their customers. 

Consider that a customer wants to start paying for service on the Customer Request Date if the provider can deliver. If inventory is available and accurate, there are few legitimate reasons why the carrier should not deliver service on CRD. Every day beyond CRD that a provider does not deliver is revenue forever lost. Overwhelming evidence supports the conclusion that delays are due to various forms of internal friction, especially inventory data integrity. 

Beyond the immediate financial impact, the internal friction and delays manifest as a poor customer experience with long term consequences. Late installs mean a customer is not moving their strategic initiatives forward or delivering on their promises to their customers. Enough broken promises will lead a customer to put you on hold while they take their business to another provider.

Poor customer satisfaction scores and high churn have come to be commonplace within the telecommunications industry. Customers want to pay for services that providers frequently can't deliver on time. ARM can fix your data integrity issues starting our first week on site, because you don't want any share of that $215 billion.