Live Demonstration of Guru™, the Latest Feature of cARMa® at TEX NYC 2019

ARM Data Center Software will be giving live demonstrations of cARMa® the ultimate SaaS Network Inventory platform at TEX NYC 2019, on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at the W Hotel in Hoboken, NJ.

cARMa is a proven network inventory platform that enables network and data center providers to take control and gain visibility into expense, revenue, and capacity of all its network infrastructure from a single system.  The platform gives clients the ability to plan, assign, change, and document network inventory at every level across the organization. 

Version 2.3 features Guru™, the unmatched analytics and mapping features that shows every service, including pass through services, affected by planned maintenance or unplanned incidents in searchable tables and live maps.  Whereas competitors show A and Z location impacts, Guru reads directly from every Circuit Layout Record in cARMa to identify customer services, network services, and subtending services on the network.  NOC and Customer Service teams can proactively schedule maintenance with confidence, and respond to outages in near real time, preventing and shortening down time.

Guru Map View.PNG

Guru Map View

Visualize, analyze, and scrutinize the network directly from the system where you build the network

Built on the Microsoft cloud, cARMa offers unparalleled features to import, pull, and correlate information from other, often siloed, data sources into one single view.  The network inventory platform can rapidly scale and has the additional benefit of native integration to Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure Active Directory.

“ARM can deploy new instances of cARMa in minutes, versus weeks or months. Our clients begin using cARMa “out-of-the-box” to proactively track installed services, view capacity, process new orders, and manage network expenses (NetEx) from a single pane of glass,” shares Frank McDermott, CEO of ARM.   “Having already seen benefits, clients can then easily and quickly customize analytics, workflows, and reports on their own or work with ARM’s experienced team of engineers.”

With 5G expected to require a ten-fold increase in fiber, and blurring the lines between the traditional segments of the industry, cARMa® the ultimate SaaS Network Inventory platform is positioned to lead the way to efficient and profitable management of next-generation networks.

Schedule a cARMa demo at TEX NYC 2019 via TEX Portal or email