Capacity Interview: How ARM Data Center Software is Modernising Network Inventory

Frank McDermott, co-founder and CEO of ARM Data Center Software, tells Capacity how his company is solving the problems of poor data inventory.

What does your company do and what problems are you solving?

ARM Data Center Software is the innovative provider of network lifecycle management solutions for carrier, colocation, and cloud operators. Our industry-first true SaaS solution, cARMa, empowers clients of any size to quickly take control and gain visibility into expense, revenue, and capacity of network infrastructure with a single source of truth across departmental barriers.

Poor inventory data drives substantial operational and financial under performance. On average, ARM sees 21% of network inventory is inaccurate in the telecom industry. Daily business transactions, siloed IT systems, new overlay networks, and acquisitions create poor inventory data quality. The high acquisition cost of traditional inventory systems, whether bare metal or virtualised in private clouds are high barriers to entry that lead to a wide range of alternative solutions, even manual spreadsheets. Now with the modernisation of networks and growing business digital transformation, network and data centre providers can no longer succeed and scale without a single source of reliable data for operating, maintaining, and optimising networks.

So why is data such a challenge for providers, and how are you working to overcome it?

One of the most significant challenges for network and data centre providers is how they collect, organise, correlate, and maintain quality operational and financial data.

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