Making financial and operational excellence a reality

ARM achieves such impressive financial and operational results for our clients, because our exclusive Discover - Recover service offering delivers nearly instantaneous results. We have optimized the unique process simultaneously for both quality and speed using insights into the most intricate details of data center operations. We know where the bottlenecks occur, what combination of skills are required to remove roadblocks, and how technical, contractual, and procedural requirements interact to stop common service providers dead in their tracks.

ARM eliminates the pitfalls of stale data that plague spreadsheet driven processes. Instead, ARM achieves continuous flow of inputs and outputs by the intersection of professional services, rigorous process, and our proprietary cARMa™ software. The cARMa™ platform ensures all inventory changes are immediately reflected in the customer inventory systems of record, instantly improving the customer experience. Eliminating latency throughout the process also ensures that ARM teams fully rectify data integrity problems faster than any other service provider. 

ARM maximizes the ROI of every engagement by eliminating monthly expenses as fast as they are discovered. ARM clients can view real-time dashboards showing progress to date, NETEX recovered, CAPEX avoided, and incremental revenue discovered. Our dashboards allow clients to review this information across the whole enterprise, by region, or broken out by individual location. 

With our exclusive Discover - Recover process, ARM eliminates chronic data integrity conditions negatively impacting revenue, NETEX, CAPEX, OPEX, and the customer experience. ARM ensures your data is perfect, because "good" isn't good enough.

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ARM's technicians start by crawling through your data center to find every single defect through physical inspection and verification of the inventory system data. We check both sides of structured wiring to find every issue, no matter who is responsible for it, because ARM takes the initiative to get everyone on the same page. Techs follow the trail to every relevant piece of information for every port.

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Next, the ARM back office team swarms on the inventory defects found in the Discover phase, and determines the required corrective action and supporting deliverables to ensure the problem is solved to our client's complete satisfaction. With all relevant information linked in our proprietary system cARMa™, ARM's teams rapidly and precisely determine the fate of every defect.

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Now the client sees the tangible results of ARM's work. Orders are submitted to remove obstructing fibers on the other side and Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) from client invoices. Billing disputes and credit requests are submitted to vendors for erroneous invoices. Dead fibers and old connections make way for new installs with associated revenue to take their place.

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ARM tracks every order submitted above to full completion. We support client negotiations in vendor billing disputes and credit requests with bulletproof data. ARM confirms MRC line items drop from vendor invoices. Capacity in high demand areas is immediately made available, avoiding unnecessary incremental, revenue-delaying builds. Inventory systems match physical reality. Confirmed NETEX and CAPEX reductions drive quantifiable improvements to EBITDA and client enterprise value.